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Settle Voices

A Community Choir in Settle, North Yorkshire


Join Us

Settle VoicesNew members are always welcome - you can read below what members have to say about singing with Settle Voices.

If you enjoy singing, why not come along and join us?  We don't have auditions and you don't have to be able to read music.   We are happy for you to come along to a session to see if you feel that the choir is for you.

It is often easier for new members to join us at the beginning of a new term when we are most likely to be learning some new songs, but we are happy to welcome new people at any time.

Settle VoicesIf you would like to join, you can just come along to our weekly meeting. If you feel a bit hesitant about just coming along, please contact us first, by using the Form on the Contact Page.  We can talk you through what goes on and will arrange for someone to greet you on arrival.

Members pay a small annual subscription and a small amount each time we meet.

We meet 1pm to 3pm on Mondays during school term time at the Catholic Church Hall, Tillman Close, Craven Terrace, Settle, BD24 9RA.  Any occasional change to the time or venue will be publicised on the Calendar and Members page on this website.


My Experience with Settle Voices

Hello All, My name is Nancy Forster and (at the time of writing) I am the Chairperson for Settle Voices. I joined the choir about two years ago, and I thought I would share my experiences with you.

I first saw Settle Voices at the Christmas Concert at the Parish Church two years ago, about a month after moving here. I really enjoyed the material that they sang, and their style of singing. Later on they held a concert to celebrate their 5th birthday, and we went along. I must have looked as though I was enjoying it (I was singing along!), as I was approached by Sally, one of the choir and asked if I would like to go along on a Monday.

I was quite nervous, as I had not sung in a choir since my school days and at that stage I knew no-one in Settle at all. My other worry was my lack of musical knowledge. I sing, but I can’t read music. I also fretted over my singing voice, it being on the low side to say the least! Finally, I had suffered with a nervous disposition for years, and was naturally scared of taking the plunge!

Anyway, I went along, and immediately felt really welcome. Pip (the official greeter) met me and gave me a welcome sheet. She explained how things worked and I was told my first ‘taster’ session was free. Everyone was so natural and friendly, my apprehension vanished very quickly!

My inability to read music was not a handicap, as you will see if you read Janet’s piece about her teaching methods. I was encouraged to sing whichever part I felt most comfortable with, and even swap about if I wanted!

Janet, our teacher, is a joy, always patient and helpful if we find ourselves struggling in any way! Our group is very easy-going and we fill the Meeting House with songs and laughter each week. Joining Settle Voices has for me, opened up a whole new life. I have not only made good friends, I have, through joining Settle Voices, gone on to take an active part in the life of Settle.

Of course, that may not be for you, and if you just want to come along and have a good sing on a Monday, Settle Voices fits the bill! Hope to see you soon!


Comments from members:

  • Having been a member for several years, I always look forward to Monday’s sessions. They are always different and we have a varied selection of music. We achieve some amazing harmonies that are spine tingling at times. Jacquie
  • I spend nearly 6 months every year abroad but always look forward to coming back to Settle and the choir. I have tried choirs in Spain but cannot find any to equal the friendliness and sense of pride as Settle Voices. Sheila
  • When I moved to the area I started looking for something to do.I found Settle Voices online and joined in the New Year 2016. It is a welcoming group, very informal and does not feel too ‘precious’. Everyone enjoys our sessions.
  • Annette says: Being in Settle Voices has made me feel, understand and experience music in a new way.
  • Settle Voices is the best thing that could have happened to me. With tutor Janet Russell, your troubles and worries just blow away for two hours every Monday. Our concerts have always been successful.
  • The group made me feel very welcome and were friendly. I did know a few people but I do like to join in events that appeal to me. Janet, the tutor, pitches the songs to the right level for all of us. When we sing together, the sound is fantastic. The session from 1pm to 3pm on a Monday suits my lifestyle. Jean
  • Coming to Settle Voices is an absolute joy. From my first visit I was made to feel so welcome and everyone was friendly. Janet Russell is an inspiration, always patient, yet enthusiastic with a ready smile and sense of humour, even when we are getting it wrong!! All in all great fun and I am so pleased that I joined. Jill
  • Felt welcome from the beginning. A lovely group singing great songs. Janet is a great teacher who encourages and inspires us all. Sue
  • From the moment I arrived I felt at home. Everyone was so welcoming. Monday afternoons at Settle are the highlight of my week. Janet is a charismatic teacher, never losing her cool or smile, even when we lose our harmony! Ann
  • Simon and I have been coming to choir for 18months now, and it really is a ray of sunshine in our week, so welcoming and friendly. We look forward to coming, enjoy the joyous singing, and feel the uplifted mood for long afterwards, we wish we had joined years ago, its a lovely thing to do - Joanne
  • Visiting tutor Jenny Goodman said: A lovely friendly group- very welcoming and enthusiastic with a great sound. Visit Jenny's webpage HERE

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